Understand Search Engines, not just SEO Techniques

For us understanding Search Engines is more important than learning few SEO techniques. What information Users want from Search Engines, How Users perform search queries, What are the different types of Search Queries, How a Search Engine Responds for a Search Query,  How some people tried to Exploit Search Results and How Search Engines are overcoming such Exploits and evaluating themselves over a period of time etc., are more important factors for becoming a Good SEO Practitioner than simply learning few SEO techniques.

We let our students understand Search Engines first, then we provide them training on SEO tools and techniques. This will make them understand What to Do and more importantly What Not to Do in their SEO practices.

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 Course Content

Understanding Search Engines & SEO

  • What are Search Engines
  • Understanding How Search Engines Work
  • What are Search Queries
  • Different Types of Search Queries
  • Understanding Search Engine Results
  • Different Types of Search Engine Results
  • Understanding Crawling, Indexing & Ranking
  • How Search Engines Rank
  • Search Engines Algorithms
  • What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  • Importance of SEO
  • Different Types of SEO
  • What are On Page & Off Page Optimizations
  • What are Black, White & Grey Hat Techniques

On-Page Optimization

  • What is On-Page Optimization
  • What Search Engines see in a Web Page
  • What is The Important Content for Search Engines
  • What are Good Titles
  • How to Optimize Titles
  • How to Write Good Content
  • What are Good Keywords
  • How to Optimize Images
  • How to Optimize Links
  • What are Rich Snippets & Schema
  • How to use Rich Snippets & Schema
  • What are Sitemaps & Why they are Important
  • How to Create Sitemaps
  • What are the Things to Avoid

Off-Page Optimization

  • What is Off-Page Optimization
  • What are Page & Domain Authorities
  • What is Page Rank and is it Important?
  • How Search Engines sees a Back Link
  • What is the Value of a Back Link
  • Different Types of Back Links
  • What is Link Juice
  • What are Link Pyramids
  • What is Tiered Link Building
  • What is Social Media Optimization
  • How to do Social Media Optimization
  • What are Google Penalties
  • Things one Should not Do in Off-Page Optimization
  • What can be done for Off-Page Optimization