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HTML + CSS + Basic & Advanced JavaScript + TypeScript + Angular or React JS + Node JS + Express JS + MongoDB + Mongoose + Real Time Projects

Popular Training Programs

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer training in Bangalore. Become a MEAN or MERN Stack developer

Web Development

HTML, CSS, ES5 & ES6 JavaScript, Angular or React JS with Real time project

React JS

Advanced JavaScript and Latest React JS with Hooks API with Real time project

Angular 2+...12/13

Learn Advanced JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular 2+ ..12, 13 with Real time project

Suitable for Everyone

Weekday, Weekend, Classroom and Online Sessions

How We Train

Hands-On Training

Less Theory & More Practicals. All our training programs are 100% Hands-On with Real time examples. We let our students participate in our Real time projects and do coding to make sure that they gain 100% practical knowledge and understand the subject completely so that they can face any kind of interview with confidence.

Group Training

With not more than 5 students per batch, Group Training programs are most suitable for students and for the individuals who are looking for a job. We provide 100% placement assistance, help students in their resume preparation, conduct mock interviews and also let them participate in real time projects.

Customized Training

Customized training or sometimes Individual training is most suitable for the students who have very specific requirements. This is also more suitable for corporate employees who wants to get expertise on few specific areas of any technology or to those who wants to have assistance on their company project during the training program.

Our Most Popular Training Program

Best Modern Web Development Training in Bangalore

Gone are the days when PHP was the most popular choice for server side programming and JavaScript used only for Client Side programming. Now JavaScript is dominating the web, so are the frameworks that are based on it.

Single Page Applications (SPA), Web Components and Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are becoming more and more popular. Learning traditional web development technologies is not sufficient for web developers anymore. Its the time to go Modern.

About Our Training

100% Hands-On Training Programs

To understand a certain topic completely theoretical knowledge is not always sufficient. All our training programs includes practical examples with real time coding snippets to let our students understand the concepts completely.

Experienced Trainers

All our trainers are very well experienced in their respective fields and also possess several years of training experience.

100% Placement Assistance

We provide 100% placement assistance to all our students and provide support in their resume preparation. We do conduct mock interviews, assess their knowledge and make them ready to face the interviews.

Care on Each Student

By not having more than 5 students per batch, we will be able to pay more attention towards each students and their progress through the training program. Complete support to every student will be provided even after the training program.

Flexible Timings

Our training programs timings are flexible and are based on our students requirements. We also provide training to the working employees during weekends and also customized training programs based on our student requirements.


We provide our certification to all our students and also let our students take the globally valid certification programs according to their training programs.

Training Programs


  • Preethi K
    Hi, my name is preeti, i am a fresher. I took web development training from opus app labs. It was great and they provide training only on those topics which have more job openings. I got job during my training program before even completing the course.
    Preethi K
  • Karthik
    I have 10 years of experience on Javascript and learned Angular from this training institute recently. I came to know many things which i didn't know earlier. It was a complete hands on training program. Recommended.
  • Jeevan
    Great. I had great experience in my training program. They covered so many real time technologies all with real time examples.
  • Rao
    I learned Wordpress from opus app labs. I was not looking for a job, but wanted to develop my own website from the training program. I was able to develop a very beautiful and professional wordpress website for my business.
  • Krishna
    We got a project in our company and our company send us to this institute for training on Angular. They covered so many things which are related to our project which made us to work on the project very easy.
  • Rajendra
    I took ionic training from this training institute. We developed a beautiful mobile app from the training program. Now i have hands on experience on ionic.
  • My name is Shiva, I took web development training from this training institute. They concentrate more on those modules which are in high demand. They showed me many openings and i got job from one of them. Thank you.
  • Susmita
    Best training institute for Modern web development in Bangalore. Forget about old technologies and learn new web development technologies and make yourself employable.


Do you provide training on Weekends

Yes, we provide training during weekends to working professionals or to anyone who prefer weekend training.

Do you provide Fast Track Training ?

Yes, we provide Fast Track training on all the courses we offer.

Do you provide Semester Project Training ?

Yes, we provide semester project training for MCA, B.E., B.Tech, MBA, BCA and BBM students for their final year project or any other semester project work.

On which technologies do you provide Project Work Training ?

Currently we provide project work training on Android, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Express JS, Node JS, MongoDB, WordPress and Digital Marketing.

We may add offer project works on many other technologies also, please get in touch with us to discuss about your requirements.

Where is your training institute is located in Bangalore?

Our training institute is located in Jayanagar 9th Block, Bangalore, just 100 mts away from JP Nagar, Bangalore Central and opposite to Big Bazaar entrance.

Do you provide Placement Assistance ?

Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance to all our students and help them in preparing their resume and also conduct mock interviews to make them face the real time interviews.