Android Training institute in Bangalore with Real Time Projects

Introducing Android Computing Platform

What is Android, What is Mobile Application Development,why is Android important for mobile Apps?History of Android?Android versions and levels?

Android Architecture Elements

Android Applications, Android Application Framework, CoreApi’s and native Libraries. Dalvik VM, Linux Kernal.

Installstion of Android Development Environment

Installing and working with JDK1.8, Android Software Development Kit and Android Studio

Understanding Android Resources

String Resources, Layout Resources, Raw Resources, Image and colour Resources.

Android Main Building Blocks

Activity and Life Cycle of Activity, Intents, Services, Broad cost receivers,                Content providers.

Building UI Using Controls

Understanding Views and View Hierarchy, Basics of Android intents, Handling UI Events  using Listeners.UI Development in XML,UI Development in CodeText Controls,Button Controls,Date & time Controls, MapView Controls, Styles and Themes, Animations, Understanding Layout Managers.

Working with Menus

Creating menus icon menus, sub menus loading menus through the XML file.

Working with Dialogs

User Dialogs, Managed Dialogs.Toast.


Working with Audio and Video in an Android application

SQLite Database

What is SQLite, Creating Database,Working with Database CRUD           operations,working with cursors?

Content Providers

Sharing Data between Applications, Searching for content, Adding and removing content.working with content files, custom content providers.

Broad Cast Receivers

Basics of Broadcast Receivers, Implementation of Broad cost receivers.

Networking and Web API

Mobile Networking Accessing web using HTTP, web View, Webkit.


Introduction to sensors ,Sensor Implementation, Listening to sensor readings

Location Services &GPS

Working with GPS, Working with Location Managers,Geo-coding & mapping Locations. Working With Notification managers.

Blutooth & Telephony-calls & SMS

Communication over Bluetooth, managing Bluetooth Connections,Making & Receiving Phone Calls, Sending & Receiving SMS.

Working with Webservices

Understanding web services, Accessing web services, Web services implementation JSON.