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Learn Modern JavaScript with TypeScript & Angular

Why to learn modern JavaScript?

JavaScript is rapidly taking a new shape from ES6(2015) standard. Now Classes, Modules, Promises etc., are part of the modern JavaScript. Though having knowledge on traditional JavaScript is useful, but knowing latest JavaScript is must for good career opportunities.

That is why, we provide training on both traditional JavaScript and modern JavaScript along with the most popular application framework Angular.

Overview of Included Training Modules


Traditional JavaScript


JavaScript DOM


ES6 & TypeScript


NodeJS & Angular

Why To Learn JavaScript ?

Known as “The Language of the Web”, JavaScript is the Most popular programming language in the world according to GitHub. JavaScript is the only programming language which is required by the Most of the software companies in the world for one or the other requirement.

What are the Benefits of Learning JavaScript ?

Unlike earlier times, when JavaScript was used only for Client Side Applications, now it is being used at several other areas such as for Server Side Programming , to Build Mobile Apps and even for IOT applications.

So as a JavaScript developer, you will be having several options in your hand and can choose a path based on your interests.

What is the Latest JavaScript Version?

EcmaScript (ES) standardizes JavaScript according to the latest changes in the technologies. Till ES6 standardization which happened in 2015, it used to take several years for the new updates (ES5 happened in 2009).

After ES6, so many recommendations are coming for JavaScript to make it meet the new requirements in several fields of development (Web, Mobile, IOT etc.,). The latest update is ES8.

On Which JavaScript Version do you provide Training ?

We modify our course content as per the latest changes in JavaScript. So we provide training on the Latest version.

Who Can Learn JavaScript ?

Anyone who wants to have a career in Client Side/ Server Side Applications, Mobile App Development, WOT (Web of Things).

Is JavaScript alone sufficient to get a Job ?

Though good JavaScript knowledge is sufficient for getting a job, having knowledge on any popular JavaScript framework or library will give an added advantage as many companies uses them in their applications.

For that reason, we also provide training on Angular, which is currently the most popular application framework for JavaScript backed by Google & Microsoft.

However, if you wish to learn only JavaScript, then we provide the training only on JavaScript. If you already know JavaScript and wants to learn only Angular, then we can provide training only on Angular. Check the following link

Angular 2.0/4.0 Training Details

What is the duration of the training program ?

The Duration of JavaScript with Angular training program is 4 weeks.

Do you provide training during weekends ?

Yes, we provide training during weekends for working professionals or to the other required students.