• Swift – Crash course on Swift language
  • UI Components – UIActionSheet, UIAlertView, UIScrollView, UITableView,
    UITableViewCustomCell, UISegmentedControl, UINavigationController,
    MKMapView, UISlider, UISwitch, UIWebView, UIImageView,
  • Auto Layouts and Size Classes – Designing apps for all screens.
  • App 1 – “Quotes” – The app displays a list of highly successful
    entrepreneurs along with their most famous quotes. App utilises UI
    components like UITableView, UIImageView, UINavigationController,
    UITableViewCell(Custom cells) & Dynamic cell height and AutoLayouts.
  • The MVC Design pattern – The most important design pattern used in
    iOS apps.
  • App 2 – Refactor App 1 & implement MVC design pattern.
  • Maps and Location – MapKit and Location framework, adding annotations,
    zooming the map, getting directions, moving the map based on user’s
    location, getting address based on user’s location etc.
  • App 3 – “I’m lost” – The app displays the user’s location on the map,
    fetches the address, and provides directions. The app utilises Core
    Location and MapKit frameworks.
  • App 4 – “Help Me !!!” – Its an SOS application which helps users to
    stay safe. The app has a ‘Send my location’ button which sends the user’s
    location to their emergency contact so that user’s whereabouts are
    known to their loved ones. The app also has a ‘Help Me’ button which
    alerts user’s emergency contacts by sending them the exact location and
    asking for help. The app utilises Core Location framework.
  • Web services – Fetching data from the web, parsing JSON, displaying in
    the app – using native networking APIs like NSURLSession and by using
    third party frameworks like AFNetworking.
  • Custom Fonts – Adding custom fonts in an iOS app
  • App 5 – “Giggle” – The app displays random Chuck Norris jokes. The
    app uses an online database and accesses the data using Restful Web
    services. The app uses native networking APIs to fetch and parse JSON
    data returned from the web services.
  • App 6 – “How’s the weather?” – A weather application. The app uses
    online data to fetch the weather information using Restful Web services.
    AFNetworking library is used in the app to fetch and parse the JSON
    data returned from the web services.
  • Storing Data offline – Core Data – Implementing offline storage using
    Core Data framework – Saving, editing, deleting from the local database.
  • App 7 – “To-Do List” – The app allows users to create their todo list
    and track their action items. The app utilises Core Data framework to
    save the todo list on the offline database so that the items persists on
    the user’s device.
  • Miscellaneous topics – Push Notifications, iAd, Open URL from app,
    Removing status bar, Audio, Embedding Youtube videos, Displaying PDFs.
  • Submitting the app to the AppStore.
  • Frequently asked Interview questions